Caraz – A lesser known town in Ancash

  Volunteering my way through my travels I found myself in a variety of roles, and in my search for a volunteer role in this region I found a small English school in the town of Caraz: Population of 25,000 (ish - this is a wiki fact, sorry guys) Altitude 2,256m ASL The laid back... Continue Reading →


Road Tripping in Iceland’s West Fjords

What was it your parents always taught you about not getting in cars with strangers....this was probably the first time I took such a leap of faith on my trip - and it proved not to be the last. Whilst spending 5 weeks working on a farm in Iceland I found an opportunity to join... Continue Reading →

Lima to Huacachina and back again

My adventure through Peru didn't go entirely to the initial plan - I hadn't intended to spend time in the places just south of Lima, sacrificing these destinations for more time in Northern Peru's quieter beaches and mountains - however plans change and I am actually so glad they did, otherwise I wouldn't have met... Continue Reading →

Short breaks and hard work

So alots been going on. I got a new job, a real one, so to speak - the hours are long and I'm exhausted at the end of everyday - but I love it, the people and the place. I completed week four this week and also recieved my bluetooth keyboard from Hongkong - allowing... Continue Reading →


So this is something of an embarrassing story to own up to. But what is life without it's mistakes. I've mentioned before that I've been in and out of airports for longer than I can remember, although I have no doubt I would have been up and toddling about causing both havoc in the airport... Continue Reading →

Carefree in Cali

Mid November 2016 I found myself in Santiago de Cali for a couple of days. Travelling through Colombia East to West I met a lot of people coming in the opposite direction, telling me about places along the way, where to go and where to avoid. Cali was usually on the avoid list. I had... Continue Reading →

A Rainbow Under the Snow

Rainbow Mountain. Montaña de Siete Colores. A quick scan of google leaves me drawing a blank as to who and how this spectacular mountain formation was discovered - however I can tell you it was found in 2015 - and by January 2016 its a well known photo destination for any tourist in Peru. I... Continue Reading →

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