Carefree in Cali

Mid November 2016 I found myself in Santiago de Cali for a couple of days. Travelling through Colombia East to West I met a lot of people coming in the opposite direction, telling me about places along the way, where to go and where to avoid. Cali was usually on the avoid list. I had... Continue Reading →


A Rainbow Under the Snow

Rainbow Mountain. Montaña de Siete Colores. A quick scan of google leaves me drawing a blank as to who and how this spectacular mountain formation was discovered - however I can tell you it was found in 2015 - and by January 2016 its a well known photo destination for any tourist in Peru. I... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit About Me

So, a little about myself. That's me above - I'm pretty awkward, so usually pull strange faces in photos - This will become VERY apparent I'm sure - The picture above was drawn by my rather gifted other-half  as a birthday prezzie while I was away in South America - at this point I was staying in the gorgeous coffee region of Colombia, a small town rather taken

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