Somebody Leave the Light On

"Just in case I like the dancing I can remember where I came from" Sometimes Lyrics resonate with you. Sometimes, they fly straight over your head as you enjoy the beat of the music, the pull of the guitar string, the push of the wooden piano peg. But sometimes, they click in your brain, and... Continue Reading →

Carefree in Cali

Mid November 2016 I found myself in Santiago de Cali for a couple of days. Travelling through Colombia East to West I met a lot of people coming in the opposite direction, telling me about places along the way, where to go and where to avoid. Cali was usually on the avoid list. I had... Continue Reading →

A Rainbow Under the Snow

Rainbow Mountain. Montaña de Siete Colores. A quick scan of google leaves me drawing a blank as to who and how this spectacular mountain formation was discovered - however I can tell you it was found in 2015 - and by January 2016 its a well known photo destination for any tourist in Peru. I... Continue Reading →

The Glittering Mile

It was the last weekend of Vivid in Sydney this last weekend - so in the spirit of things I embarked on some Vivid activities before it all ended. When my room mate said she had seen adverts for a show hosted by Hidden Sydney called The Glittering Mile - an interactive theatre all about... Continue Reading →

9Countries, 5Weeks, 4Tickets, 2Feet, 1Bag

That's right guys - September 2015 I went Inter-railing!! This was the first time I dipped my pasty white toe into the glittering waters of solo-travel - that buzzword (or phrase?) that's being thrown around so much at the moment. Solo-travel.

A Little Bit About Me

So, a little about myself. That's me above - I'm pretty awkward, so usually pull strange faces in photos - This will become VERY apparent I'm sure - The picture above was drawn by my rather gifted other-half  as a birthday prezzie while I was away in South America - at this point I was staying in the gorgeous coffee region of Colombia, a small town rather taken

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