Hi Guys!

I’ve started a collection of anecdotes from some of my favourite places – interesting events, funny stories, or simply the re-telling of something going horribly wrong.

You won’t find any “Top 10 things to do in…” or “What not to do in…” here I’m afraid.

I’m not a writer, I finished English lit and language as soon as I completed my GCSE’s at 16; I’ve never studied blogging, language layout, marketing, none of it. So this is more of a personal project, a challenge to myself to try and improve my writing, my words and my use of the English language.

I hope anyone who comes across this page can laugh with me over getting rained on, snowed out and petrified in airports;
And just maybe find a little bit of inspiration to go and visit these places too 🙂

amCharts (2)
A computer scratch map of where I have been – because my real one is in storage back in the UK! (PS I have only been to NYC and various airports in America so it pains to colour it – but it looks more impressive this way – and I cannot simply colour the state 😉

SIDE NOTE: I am also enjoying ruining my Australian computers spell check dictionary with British English along the way XD


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